111 years Beau Site

Hospitality - a living tradition at Beau Site since 1907

1907 - in the golden era of alpinism and the Belle Epoque the Grand Hotel Beau Site opens its doors and the first guests arrive to fill our house with life and laughter.
1921 one resides at hotel Beau Site for 15 Swiss francs including half board. The summer season is short but lively and until 1927 Beau Site, like almost all hotels in Zermatt, will remain closed in winter. Starting in 1928 the trains come to Zermatt even in winter and winter begins to develop into the main tourist season.
1945 the house will be renovated for the first time. In the 1970s it is covered with a modern flat roof, which will make way again in 2002 for the reconstructed roof cupolas, reawakening the spirit of the Belle Epoque. As pièce de résistance the tower suite is added, offering a phenomenal view of Zermatt and the Matterhorn. 

For over 110 years people have made Beau Site the wonderful place it is to this day: a generous house, full of light and life, imbued with heartfelt hospitality.

Anniversary brochure