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Exhibition „Closer to Heaven“

The exhibition "Closer to Heaven" from Bernhard Alexander Müller takes place from the 23rd November 17 until the 6th October 2018 in the Gornergrat Restaurant, the lobby and also the spa area at the Parkhotel Beau Site.

Bernhard Alexander Müller, was born in 1961 in Zurich. Since his childhood he has been interested in art and learned to portray autodidactically. When he was 15 years old he also passed the examination to study at Art School in Zurich. Nevertheless he decided to graduate from a 3 years-apprenticeship school in Advertisement and Marketing and then started a bank career.
Following the inner voice he started his career as an artist in painting and drawing only few years ago. He studies at master classes given by the Illustrator and Master painter Henrik Frei Larsson and Mariana Scvortova. He also takes workshops at Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf/BE to the themes woodcut of Franz Gertsch and paintings of Varlin.

In a naturalistic way his water colour and acryl paintings show landscapes, animals.
He also works with coal, chalk and pastel crayon. In this way many portraits and also some paintings of the current exhibition in Zermatt were created. In the current phase he recently paints with acryl on canvas.

He has been influenced and inspired by the Swiss artists Rolf Ziegler and Franz Gertsch, as well as the works of Harding Meyer, whose portraits strongly impressed him by the intensity of expression and excellent technic.

Since the age of seven he has been playing piano with preferences for classical music and later in life jazz improvisations.

It is a great honor, privilege and joy for him to study with the two teachers and artists Henrik Frei Larsson and Mariana Scvortova. He is also greatful for the magnificent support of Sonja Frei for the actual exhibition.

In a very short time of education study he achieved already the master class.

You are always welcome to contact the artist via the reception of the Parkhotel BeauSite 
or via his e-mail:,