Zermatt News

New "Kumme" lift 

On 9 January 2018, an avalanche detached itself from the western ridge of the Unterrothorn. It swept away the valley station of the Kumme chairlift and completely destroyed it. Only the concrete and substructure were left standing, the wooden structure and the electromechanics were swept away.

The aim of the new gondola lift project is not only to restore the infrastructure in the Unterrothorn area, but also to upgrade the whole area. Therefore, instead of a new chair lift, a 10-seater gondola lift is being built from "Tufternkehr" via an intermediate station "im Wyss Gufer" to the Rothorn. With a transport capacity of 1,500 people per hour, waiting times in the stations in the Unterrothorn area will also be reduced to a minimum. The planning approval procedure was completed without objections and construction of the new gondola lift began in spring 2020. The expected opening of the gondola lift is scheduled for 20 December 2020.